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Frequently asked Questions

I am Furkan, a certification expert. I have listed down frequently asked questions on ISO and other certifications.

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  • How much is the ISO Certification cost?
    ISO Certification cost requires organization size, operation scope and location to seal the pricing. For example: 200 manpower organization, power plant and with 10 locations will incur different pricing then 50 Manpower organization, with plastic manufacturing unit with single location.
  • What is the Validity Period of ISO Certification:?
    All ISO Standards give the certification validity for 03 years based on the yearly surveillance audits. This means, organization shall conduct surveillance audit at least once in a year to keep Certification valid.
  • How long does it take to obtain ISO Certificate?
    ISO Certification awarding timing fully depends on the readiness of an organization’s management system implementation. For fully implemented unit, Youable takes only 20 days to complete the Certification. Organization that are new to the ISO standards may take two to six months based on the audit preparation and implementation. Following Factors influence time frame: Present status of ISO Standards implementation Management involvement and commitment Promptness in gap closing issues raised from Gap Analysis Skilled team and human resources
  • How to validate and verify the authentic ISO Certification?
    To Ensure transparency among the global supply chain, IAF has developed a common database collaboratively with ISO where all the global authentic issued ISO Certification Database are found. This link can be found on this page where ISO outline a section, how to choose a Certification Body. Go to that section and click on the International Accreditation Forum CertSearch and then type your organization name and your full details will appear if the Certificate is authentic
  • How to get ISO Certification for my organization?
    To get ISO Certification, organization need to contact with a Certification Service provider like Youable and then the process starts as below: GAP Analysis: GAP analysis gives an overview of an organization readiness to ISO Standards and outlines areas to work on to obtain ISO Certificate Stage-1 Audit or Initial Audit: In stage one audit, organization managements systems are assessment based on the available documentation that they have Stage-2 Audit: In stage two or final audit, management system implementation are assessed based as per the provided documents Certification: Final Certification is recommended when everything is found as per requirements
  • What is ISO Certification?
    ISO has developed series of standards for almost all industries to ensure product quality, safety, security as well as process integrity along with human resources safety. Whenever, an organization is Certified on particular standards like ISO 14001:2015- Environmental Management System- EMS, it means the organization has met all the requirements set out on ISO 14001:2015. And this goes same for the other ISO standards.
  • What are the major are looked during ISO Certification Audit?
    As Certification service providing company, Youable looks for following documentation in general for all audits: Applicable all legal licenses Organizational operational records Setup and competency to provide the scope operation Risk and opportunity assessment for the process Internal Audit reports Management Review Meeting Organization’s set Goal & objectives Customer Feedback collection and analysis Quality Policies outlining organization’s strategic direction to business, customers and legal authorities Training Calendar & records Operational Controls
  • What is ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System?
    ISO 9001:2015 is the most popular and adopted ISO standards in the world. ISO 9001:2015 sets out requirements on the Management Systems of organizations so that products or services coming from the organization be quality full as per customer, management and legal requirements. When you are ISO 9001:2015 Certified, it means organization has the capacity and competency to deliver quality products and service as per ISO Quality Standards requirements.
  • What is ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System?
    ISO 14001:2015 –Environmental Managements System sets out the requirements to run organization in a way to protect environment everyway. It means, when your organization is Certified on ISO 14001:2015, you are environmentally friendly organization and concerned for climate change
  • What is ISO 45001:2018- Occupational Health & Safety Management System?
    ISO 45001:2018 –Occupational Health and Safety Management System outlines the requirements to run organization in a way that ensure safety for the workforce. ISO 45001:2018 Certified units means works force in you are organization is safe and avail all the safety facilities.
  • What is ISO 27001:2013- Information Security Management Systems?
    ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Systems outlines protocols to keep information secured within organization. ISO 27001:2013 requires organization establish system in way so that organization block all the possible way of leaking out information from your organization. When your organization is certified on ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System, it means customers data in your organization is safe and secured.
  • What is ISO 13485:2016- Medical Device Quality Management Systems?
    ISO 13485:2016 Medical Device Quality Management Systems is developed to be followed during design, installation, production and servicing of the Medical Devices. This means, when an organization is certified on ISO 13485:2016, it is producing the medical devices following all the requirements set out in ISO 13485:2016 and processes are effective to ensure safety and efficacy of the medical devices
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